Here Come the Holidays

Best wishes for a restorative Holiday Season

from Keri Horon (“A Mom’s Life” author)

The calendar tells me it’s almost Thanksgiving, yet my brain tells me it’s the middle of winter (and so does the weather). The sun hasn’t made much of an appearance lately, and the fog which dims visibility for morning commuters feels like it has also taken up residency in my mind. I’m not motivated to do much of anything lately, let alone prepare a Thanksgiving feast.

Maybe it’s the worn-out state of mind many of us are experiencing as we realize Covid has been around for two years already. Many have dealt with unexpected circumstances arising from this pandemic that have had negative (if not devastating) consequences. People are weary, stressed, and just plain spent.

For many families who care for individuals with special needs, the past two years may have been extra challenging. Lockdowns and other restrictions forced altered schedules upon us, and in some cases, isolation, economic loss, and long-term fear wreaked havoc. Some may look at Thanksgiving 2021 and wonder what we have to be thankful for.

It’s a valid question for lots of people. It may be accurate to say that no one, no family on earth, special needs or not, escaped a loss of some kind during the last couple of years. And loss can leave you reeling for quite some time. When holidays roll around, that sense of loss becomes all the more poignant.

Celebrating a holiday such as Thanksgiving doesn’t mean we have to be in a celebratory mood, or that everything has to come up rosy in order to take part. It may be important to celebrate¬†because of the rough times we’ve had and enjoy the traditions that bring joy to our hearts and homes.

We all need healing, and we each need to feel like we’re part of something bigger – something that connects us and gives us purpose in life. Holidays have the power to restore joy and provide us with that sense of belonging. Whether we’re remaining at home by ourselves or with family and friends, or venturing out to share the upcoming days with others, take in the moments and soak up whatever peace and contentment you find this holiday season.

Vest wishes you a peaceful, joyful, and stress-free November and December. Remember that we are here for you, helping you to worry less and enjoy more.

Parents, caregivers, and providers alike: we are grateful for the work you do everyday for those with special needs, and we send you our regards for a happy, healthful holiday season.

About the Author:
Keri Horon is a writer, educator, and special needs parent. She joined Vest in 2019 as a Vest Success Manager.
She is also a Vest subscriber where she uses Vest to plan for the ongoing and future care of her precious son.