Do you have a child with Autism or other Developmental Disability?

Vest helps you make sure others will know what to do for your child's support and care when you can't be there.

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Welcome To Vest

Vest is your easy easy-to-use solution to organize, update, and instantly access your child's key information, when and where you need it. Vest also gives you a safe and effective way to make sure others will know what to do for your child's care when you can't be there.

Easy to Use Digital Notebook with Key Information
Safely share guidance when support from others is needed
Successfully navigate transitions with Vest across the lifespan.


Easily Organize Files and Records

Welcome to paperless! Toss out those clunky binders. Stop frantically searching for key information in paper folders. We created 250 intuitively organized "Pockets" to keep key records, files, videos, everything!

Safely Share with Family & Team

Securely share vital information with family and support team. Rest easy knowing that your child's unique needs will be known clear and easy to access when needed by others. REDUCE STRESS!

Provide Guidance for Care

Vest is your way to safely and effectively transfer key information to a family member or guardian when the time comes that you can't be there.

No credit card / 14 Days Free / 60 seconds to start
"Best app! I love it. I can share certain information with my daughter's team. LOVE it!!"
Christa P.
"It’s what I've been waiting for a way to keep track of many important details and be able to update it and share it. Try it – it’s unbelievably inexpensive too!"
Bonnie B.
"We LOVE this App! It is so helpful and gives us peace of mind that everyone is on the same page with our daughter. This is genius!"
Nicole N.
See for yourself how Vest will help you save time, cut stress, and worry less about your child's care and future.
No credit card / 14 Days Free​ / 60 seconds to start